it's not just of what we thought these would be forever.
as i look @ the parallel railrod tracks that seems to be boundless,
when i look infront there is an end..
just what happened now.

its not you and me anymore
its not the matter of having you in my life..
its the matter of being free.
like a dog with its lease or a bird
who wanted to be free.

i need to breathe more than you know.
to breathe thesame air i used to take before.
and now, im gfiving a pat to my own back.
having an achievement of taking you out of my life.
its not that i didnt love you

i did..

but it is not enough that you love me..
you must understand the way iam.
the way you know me.
i dont have to change in a sudden..
i dont have to kill my self for your benefit.

be a man..
the nature of you
dont be a coward guy who want to have a shock absorber who find it wthin me.
i am not like that.
i need a partner not a man on the baggage counter

its the end for us.
be happy for you will not see my ugly face anymore
just the way you said it.
it is fair and equal.
just think of what tyou can do without me.

just like the railrod track..
it is our end..


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