GABAY towards more advocacies

minutes of the meeting
-march 14,2009-

after several months running of Neo Boys legion, changes have been made to the benefits of the members. yet, we, BL core, have to do this changes over and over again.

for this time.. we'll be, hopefully looking forward for a more productive and lively members and organization.

By monday, march 16, 2009 well be having LANDZ as new President of NEO Boys Legion (neo BL) and CJ as his vice president..

we'll be dividing 60 members to 3 sub groups to be monitored by the following:


group messages will be monitored by sub group chairman and suggested that they willnot be needing vice-chairman for we are targeting the efficient decimination of orders from the CORE.

for this new format, we will be implying more of what really NEO BOYS LEGION is for.. we will be maximizing the process of NETWORK SYSTEM from members to sub group heads and to CORE.

and as part of other structural meetings that we have, wthis time we will be working on the EGROUPS, both NEO BL and GABAY propper.

we are to implimenet our advocacy to members so we are to expect propper orientation from the members..

we are up to molding new leaders for neo BL and movers to what we are aiming to..

as part of the CORE... expect our best efforts, more advocacies and living out BL's motto..

"unity despite diversity and individual differences"

be us! be BOYS LEGION! LIVE to be as a LEGIONER

(neo bl secretary)


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