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i was cleaning up my closet last Sunday and i found pieces of paper under my clean shorts.. i remembered that this are my poems dedicated to S.D.B. here is one of that poems. i made it last 2008 valentines day @ the office. hope you like it. and i will try to post all them here.

the nearness of you
makes me smile for no reason
you bring light & compassion
i feel complete. i feel protection
how you brought me at this state
and i have no time to to regret nor to hesitate
i just thought you are my soul mate
so i let you drive me into this loving so great
but im not thinking what circumstances would do.
now it's not what i dreamed, that it will be me and you
im lifeless.. cant breathe..
this heart of mine thickens w/ love...
my love for you...
what is my worth?
baby why i cant have you?
why cant i hold you?
like the way you wanted him to do to you.
this life is cruel..
why i love you this much?
im screaming out for it.
but it seems nothing is coming out from me.
im not making any sound at all.
sound that i wish you would hear.
sound that is saying will you love me..
coz i love you
the nearness of you makes me stop for a moment.
stop till you say...
you love me!

Happy Valentines baby


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