Your so far away
far away that i cant hold you
far away that i cant kiss your lips
so far that i cant feel you
so far that i cant touch even your finger tips
wind blows and i wish from it so loud
for it might bring you here in my arms
i wish for it to blow more clouds
so you can ride on it and let me feel your charms
im lonely...
looking out for you
lonely indeed that im dying just to see the strands of your hair that i used to admire
Im receptive of things that would
erase you out of my mind
for it might be cold inside
inside my heart.
you are my warmth
the fire that gives the statement of red in my blood.
in my life...
it burns endlessly..
with hopes of having you someday
in the right time and place..
all along, i just want to know..
when it will be ?
that day that i can say you're mine
that day that im sure its fine..
you and me...
just the two us.
making out the most of our lives


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