i'll be leaving the rest to you


discreetly falling for you

limited by the truth.. i cannot pursue

wish i have courage, enough to love you.

deviant indeed for i love some one else.

and you also have some one in your life... what else?..

and this feeling inside me.. it lingers, it dwells

though we hide the truth, it will pain, it will swell.


for the things i cannot understand

half-hearted if im to give both of my hands

or to be fooled and be building castle in the sand

the first and the last

will i see you again after that night?

when time stood between us and you were like a jewel to my sight?

and how i wish im a single bird in flight.

so i can be with you there..where the clouds so white

do i have to break it?..

do i have to?

i love him..

im learning to love you

is that possible?

or im just drunk..

slaved of the spirit and i let my self sank.

so i be leaving the rest to you...


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