silence (poem)

for i am not heard..
coz i will not be repeating dis words again!
im digging up my own grave
i'll be wading down my coffin from where it is place in my room before.
filled with your memories.
there we were happy.
and there when im in pain
there we were grieving
and there im with you. cuddling you on your down moments..
i'll be bringing it all.
so i will not be remembered
i will not be leaving any mark that once there was me in your heart.
or i should say a instance that an ordinary me passed to your life..
i'll be happy lying & will be waiting for my time..
in this cold coffin that will never be warm.
embraced by this loam you're stepping onto.
in here i am protected..
by my savage.. you as my killer
for i cannot stop loving you
uncany indeed, but i cannot help this heart not to beat for one reason
not to beat for one person
to beat only for you..
in this grave im digging up for my self,
i would not be hurt by this pandemonium i made
yes... i made coz i dont want to blame you..
i indulge my myself to your decisive words..


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