dont go (poem)

If tears can heal,then I must be cured by now.
But im not.
For several hours im crying,but still, im bleeding and paining
Of what I cant understand.
Leaving me wouldn’t be a big help.
Well infact, it’s the thing that will kill me slowly.
I love you and you love me the same way I did.
But is these our price of loving each other?
The cruelness I have here is the sudden feeling I felt the moment you stepped back of our circle..
I just want you near.
I just want you to feel.
I just….
Love you.
For crying out loud..
Hold on..
Nothing changed my love.
In the end I want it to be.
Me loving you
And you loving me..
Deviant.. Yes we are.
Of our suddeness..
But this is not that weak for us to fall out of it..
Don’t leave…
Or I’ll die..
Coz I cant continue anymore without you beside me.
You became my world..
My life..
Don’t go..


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