Happy Monthsary of Independence

Happy Monthsary of Independence

Living aLone

Its almost a month now since i left our Home and rented a room somewhere in Cubao cause i easily get tired of the travel from Tondo to Ortigas Pasig and vice versa.

Reality is... i left home kasi wala na naman si mommy. wala na akong uuwian dun sa amin. Just my old sister who don't care at all (parang Batang Alaska hahaha) and my dad na wala naman mahaLaga kundi cya...

i found my self in a Room where i can here MRT sound every after 5 mins or so. where there is a lady and her teen-age son settle next to my room; a bisexual couple down stairs and a lesbian who trains to be firewoman one of these days.

Well thanks to my friend (who is with the bisexual couple im talking about) that i stumbled to that place and have a place to live-in. Different people, Different personalities. different ambiance. but still... Lonely..

Ewan ko ba. i also trying to be nice naman with every people lalo na noong lumipat ako sa apartment. im being nice with my friend and his lover, my simple way of telling or saying thank you for helping me kaya lang, yung boyfriend nung friend ko wont give a damn of talking or just saying hi to me... As if i did something wrong.

I dont want to give every details pero ginawa ko na lahat tipong pagluluto ko sila ng dinner if i have time and even a simple deed of keeping their slippers properly together when it is in the hall way way across their rooms' door. pero wala... malaking DEADMA.

iba talaga pag turing sayo pamilya... though may maliliit na tampuhan. you can still go home and have dinner on the table. would ask how was your day or so...

Partly, im missing such treatment from my youngest sister and my pamangkin but choice ko kasi to ehh. have nothing to blame. i must learn to accept it. Naalala ko tuloy yung madalas sinasabi ng mommy ko na mahirap yung nangungupahan/nakikisama... well it has been proved personally na mahirap talaga.

Wishing more strength and more months of independence for me. i can do it. Hope to land on a better Job from my previous company or a better company than where I am right now.

-Knight and the Rainbow Flag


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