NoT Again...

im so done and over with The concept of BisexuaLiTy. im tiRed and reaLLy Fed up oF teachiNg individuaLs and eDucaTing them of these unaccepTabLe facTs abouT homosexuality that we are stiLL facing here in The PhiLippines.

1. we ourseLves who belong to the LGBT communiTy discriminaTe each oThers sexualiTy. scruTinize a very singLe fLaw towards other's idenTiTy. humiLiaTing our Kind if he/she do not pass to our personal criteria to be considered one of his/her chosen group.

2. the history based stereo-typing that to be gay is as equal of wearing female dress, make-up and work as parloristas and manicuristas.

Let it be understand that Acceptance comes from individuaL acceptance and by the acceptance of the communiTy they belong witH. iT is a consoLidated efforT from both parties. sadLy, the sociaL community plays a big parT of it that is why there are sTiLL pLU living inside their closeTs.

BuT whaT is the purpose of OnLine Groups if they cannoT supporT their members emotionally and socially?

Stereo-typing and discRiminaTion wiLL noT end unLess we Learn how to respecT one another for what we have chosen and what we believed in.

ResPecT be geTs RepecT.


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