(my own boys over flower character)

this posting is for me to say, SHET! ANG GWAPO! hahahhaha! i cannot act as faggot as i can be earlier, on my LRT ride going to the office. i really dont know what is the name but he looks like the guy from the korean novel "boys over flower". the guy that portrayed the role of Lei from the taiwan version, F4. im not a fan, but that guy that seated beside me is really a hot one... his scent flourished to my nosethrills, smelling so sweet with his light tommy hilfiger cologne.

he wears simple white shirt and jeans that compliments his manly package.. he's the kind that you would not thought of being a "bi" ba...hahaha. i know one when i see one! but he is different.. and when an another guy entered the train from the UNITED NATION TERMINAL, he smiled and started to talk.

he low toned modulated voice played to my ear as if he is talking to me and not to that guy who just entered the train. based on the conversation, i believe that they are schoolmates before, and they are talking about updates to their lives and some of their friends before..

his chinky eyes (what i called fish-like eyes) turned on me maybe by noticing that i was listening to their conversation.. i dont know what to do. he caught me staring at him and he just give me a little smile. i love that pink lips he posess. he astonished me to the fact that he will smile. maybe he also noticed that their conversation is a bit loud that they would really caught some attention.

but it was not into their conversation im upto, i like looking to his face and skin so smooth. i love listening to his voice that sounds as a lovely music to my ear. hahaha.. (im so gay) hahaha. just like what others say.. sorry bakla lang.. hahaha

how i wish bi na lang siya.. sana. kaso mukha talaga siyang straight. well its just a dream. another LRT ride na may naging crush aku... hahaha. how i love riding LRT kahit pa somtimes their service really sucks and trains always have technical troubles. but i just cant stop patronizing and riding LRT. firstly, is that i have no choice, and second, im looking forward to a day i will see another cute guy who will fill my dreams. SIYEMPRE, so i can share my stories to you..

(sorry to my dear readers. i've been so busy to my work that i dont have time to update and post some my blogs. im thingking of a good ending pa to my short novel... one day i'll continue the series.. ciao!@)


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